Biking – the reality

What’s really funny about my last post is that I was hit by a car a few days after it.  I wasn’t hurt, just shaken up.  I say funny because in the poem I suggest that the risk involved in biking is worth it but … well being hit by a car (and this is 2nd time for me) shakes you up a bit.

So Ok… you want to know the details and whose fault it was.  It was really just one of those things.  I was in a bicycle lane and only a few metres from the sign indicating this but the road is under construction and merges right there and the lines normally separating my lane from near-certain death were absent.  The driver, I think, was frustrated by the lineup and didn’t see on the right (in the bike lane) as he suddenly swerved to try to cut through the corner mall.  The guy’s wife was very apologetic and wanted to drive me home and I think the guy was probably as shaken up as I was.

But I got back on my bike and continued on my merry way with only a few bruises, a scuffed jacket and some rips in my gloves to show that anything had happened at all.  Something did happen, of course, but I’m fairly ambivalent about the whole thing.

When I approach the same construction zone these days I go on the sidewalk when pedestrians allow.

But I still enjoy the experience of biking each day.  Especially these days as I’m working on my story (21K words) and it becomes more interesting.  I work out details and problems in the plot as I drive to work and I find myself enjoying the ride even more.  So yes it is dangerous and yes it is worth it!


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