I am
oh so great
for the Environment.

Look at you:
sitting innocent
in your car
say even a Smart car
the gas
down that infernal
Never to return.
Only a heat and C & H & O
gift to entropy.

Look at me:
wet in the rain
cold in the snow
sweaty in the sun
nail in the tire
all exposed.

But the
other day
I squashed an insect
and you may laugh
and you may deride
my bike did it
and that Preying Mantis
prays no more.

Always another side
always an
“OK as long as you don’t
swerve in my lane
and into me and my truck”
always a
different perspective
like that of the
stupid dog
that dodged
into my front wheel
sent me
My just desserts?

But I keep biking
through near misses
with City Buses
and other dirty menaces
intent on other things.

I cycle
don’t really lose weight
don’t really gain it
just digest
be me
with my thoughts
not crowded away
by noise
and too much speed
or bumper panic.

Just me.

Guelph 2006/10/11


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