A Bird in the Hand

An unusual thing happened to me this morning as I arrived at work.  I parked my bike and started to go into the building when a bird fluttering against the glass of the south entrance to the building caught my attention.  One of its wings was out of line when I first saw it so I slowly and quietly approach it where it sat on the ground resting.  I doubted that I could help it but I still wanted to try.

I eased out my finger and was permitted to pet the tiny bird on head, neck and back.  Then I put my finger by its claws and it grasped onto it.  I tried to set it in the birch tree immediately above but it wouldn’t hop unto the branch.  Then I walked over to a cedar on the other side of the parking lot.  A hot air balloon was just lifting off in the background and so the bird and I watched that for a short time.

As I tried to set the bird onto a cedar branch it again refused to leave my finger.  I petted it again a few times and its wing looked fine.  Then it just took off and flew far up into a nearby birch.  Even though the bird seemed calm it left a reminder in my hand to show that appearances can be deceiving.  I hope I didn’t scare it too much.

I’m not positive on the species but I think it might have been a green finch of some kind.


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