A flat in the new old bike

Nail in the tire

So I've had this bike for just under a week as I bought it at a used bike sale at Paisley Road School this past Saturday for $50. That's just about what I prefer to spend on bikes as I wreck them so easily with the constant use and winter driving. Usually I get a year although the last year and a half has been pretty bad and I've been through about 2/year which is crazy.

So this morning just after 7 I hear a crumpling noise from the back plastic fender I had just installed only 2 evenings before. A long (about 3 inches), old rusty nail has pierced my back tire so far that it actually is poking out the other side of it. I was 15 minutes late for work after I changed the inner tube. It gave me some pleasure that my fender wasn't completely wreaked and that I was able to fix my problem as efficiently as I did. It's funny how bad things happening to the good (of course) person that I am sometimes is a mood lifter. I was showing the nail to everyone at work I was so weirdly pleased.


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