Hayao Miyazaki

What can I say about the man who can turn such a stunning and romantic (not gushy, mushy romance but human-in-harmony with nature, utopian romance) imagination into such lushly exquisite visuals? To watch a Miyazaki film, especially one of his more recent ones, is to fall under the spell of a master animator at the height of his talent and sensitivity. His sense of colour and eye for detail create wonderfully vibrant movies that you explore rather than just watch. His perspective in telling his stories is so alien to our western experience to make the films exotic but the themes are still potent enough to touch many western fans. I find it difficult to get certain of his films out of my mind:
Spirited Away
Kiki’s Delivery Service
Howl’s Moving Castle
and especially Princess Mononoke, among many others.
Watch and see if you can keep from falling under his spell.

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One Response to Hayao Miyazaki

  1. I agree that Miyazaki’s films are wonderful (or, well, the two that I’ve seen are). I really appreciate the care in which they’re translated across the Pacific – the dialogue isn’t just a non-sensical direct translation, but care has been taken to make everything understandable in Western idiom, and the voices are usually superb. I mean, Minnie Driver as Lady Eboshi has to be one of the most inspired casting choices ever (hee, hyperbole, you are my friend). But yeah. Miyazaki = good.

    It’s also nice to see another Ontario WPer, and I agree with a lot of your opinions a few posts down on the environment and climate change. It’s a lot to fix, and it’s daunting, but every effort matters.

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