Lunch and Learn

I've been working on a story called "Shadows" lately and so I haven't had much time to blog.  But I did have the time to do a lunch and learn session on blogging at my day job.  Lunch and Learn sessions are voluntary lunch time training sessions where participants are encouraged to bring their lunch.  I have taken the initiative to start these up at my last three workplaces.  I enjoy teaching and this is an outlet for me to do just that and challenge myself to keep abreast on the latest goings on in specific topics.  These sessions are usually on computer technology but not always.  I have done lunch and learn sessions on Word, Excel, Computer learning for Children, Identifying Wildflowers, setting up your own web page and many more.

The session on blogging was done with my colleague Tim and was well received.  Tim showed up Blogger and I did WordPress.  One thing that surprised me during my research is that blogging was a Canadian idea.  Tim and I are talking about doing another session on the wiki phenom next.

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