Karen sings

I have long been a fan of my wife's singing but she does not promote herself or her talents to the degree that I think appropriate to her stature. Her singing is clear, crystalline and is always infused with a great deal of feeling. Finally a collaboration and some studio recordings with a Hamilton composer named Robert Bruce have resulted in her singing being available to a wider public. Robert has 2 MP3 samples available on his website. I think the public will eventually be able to buy these MP3's for download but I'm not sure when that will happen. But in the meantime check out the free samples and you'll see I'm not just the proud husband spouting off!

I find her singing of A Little Bit of Neptune especially ethereal and Robert's wonderful piano accompaniment is insistent and lulling at the same time. Corrine Prevost backs up Karen with very complimentary vocals. The whole thing is like an other worldly round to me. They performed this at a concert in Hamilton a little while back and it was very impressive and the movement in the music made it hard for me to keep my seat. Let me know what you think if you have a few minutes.


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