March of the Penguins

The tagline for this documentary is “In the harshest place on Earth, love finds a way” and in the English version Morgan Freeman narrates that this march is in the end about love. At first blush the cynic in me has a hard time extending personification and anthropomorphism so far as to ascribe human ‘love’ to Emperor Penguins. But, in the end, the film is proof against my cynicism. My congratulations go to Luc Jacquet.  If it isn’t love that motivates these amazing creatures it is something that comes very, very close!
The monumental effort in the parents nurturing of their single chick through the incredible ferocity of the harshest place to live on the planet is nothing short of miraculous. Another way that truth prooves far stranger and more wonderful than fiction. Who could dream this up? The parents keep exchanging places to trek 100 km in the dark Antarctic winter (that 70 miles or 7 days walking or sliding on their bellies without a rest) just to get food while the other protects the chick from winter storms with nothing other than their own and the group’s body warmth. Wow! I’m still in awe!

I’ve heard from friends that the special features (especially the documentary on making the documentary) is supposedly even better than the film itself.  That’ll have to wait until another day for me to see but I am sorely tempted to be a little (dare I say) cynical?


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