Progress report on Atkins

Well I’m sorry to say, first off, that Robert C. Atkins (MD) passed away if you’re trying to get a progress report on him.  But I, thanks to his ideas, am maintaining around 190 lbs these days.  My goal is to reach around 180 by the end of March so we shall see if I can do it… it is difficult as I do so much enjoy eating!

I took last week off work and so I wasn’t doing my normal 22 kms biking each day so I am actually pleased that I have maintained my weight.  I go back to biking tomorrow morning so I’m hoping that the added exercise will help me in getting to my goal.

I have improved in making low carb meals lately… it’s funny but cooking low carb is often very similar to the haute cuisine I expect in restaurants I can rarely afford.  Of course I do have to avoid pasta and bread for the early phases but once I’ve reached my final weight goal I’m looking forward to finding a good complex carb (whole wheat) pasta and doing some whole wheat baking when I can reintroduce those items.  And I do miss fruit but that’ll come.  Discipline!  Must … be … disciplined!


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