my Tai Chi path diverges

I've grown complacent in exercising my tai chi and wait for the group at the club to guide me sleepwalking throughout the set. I haven't been keeping up the habit of doing the set daily. It's not enough just to show up weekly and I need more. I've been doing tai chi for about 10 years stretched off and on since 1982. Even when I go to one of the Continuing classes I don't learn very much. So, perhaps a little ironically, I've decided to quit the Taoist Tai Chi club to improve my tai chi! And, oddly enough, it seems to be working so far. I'm doing my set of 108 movements more often on my own.
So why would quitting help? It forces me to rely on myself to remember and improve my skills instead of on the club.
I am also tired of the Taoist Tai Chi Society's politics which is very totalitarian for a volunteer organization. I appreciate the history of the society and applaud all that the late Mr. Moy, the Society's and International Organization's founder, achieved with it. But it's time for me to take a break from it.
For the last 6 months I have been assisting Beginner's classes, it helps to have knowledgeable tai chi'ers to go on the ends of the beginner group. I have been a Beginner instructor myself there and know the value of that assistance first hand. This gives models as the set's movements turn the beginners away from the instructor. I've promised to help until the end of the current class but I'm already staying away from the other club activities. There's a parking lot on a bluff above the river just across the tracks from the end of my street; it is roomy and usually empty in evenings or early mornings. There were only 3 cars, the honking of Canada Geese, and the spring rush waters of an early thaw to accompany my tai chi yesterday morning. And I enjoyed it tremendously which is exciting since I've been a little bored with my set of late. I hope I've made the right choice for me: doing the set can be a wonderful 'moving meditation' that I don't want to live without.

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