Music fit for God

The Kiwanis Music Festival of Guelph is on this week and two of my children were in the Choir portion so I went to a session this evening from 6:30 until just after 9. This is the 25th anniversary for the festival. The music was wonderful and free and I can help but think that if such beautiful music were on in Austria or Germany you wouldn’t find a seat… but this is Ontario and the shame of it was that the church was only half full for most of it. What an amazing show these kids put on this evening. There were certain pieces that made me close my eyes and just float in a stream of sound that liberated me from the cares of the day. Wow!

I heard an interview on CBC Radio’s Ideas last night where the speaker, Richard Kearney, said that God is much more interested in the music of mankind than that of the angels. The reason he gave was that our music was a result of a choice whereas angels don’t have the choice. I’m not sure I agree with him, if angels exist than it is likely Lucifer did too and he seemed to have a choice. But it’s a very interesting thought.  The music I heard from the children in St. George’s Church tonight seemed very fit for God, indeed!

And it’s just starting, there’s “over 300 hours of music spread over 15 days”. Check the schedule out if you’re in the neighbourhood.


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