The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is a frothy and pale adaptation of Alan Moore‘s illustrated book series.  It is a fun bit of escapism, though, and I enjoyed Sean Connery as Allan Quatermain, Naseeruddin Shah as Captain Nemo and Peta Wilson as Mina Harker.  The graphics for Nemo’s Nautilus were quite overbearing and awe inspiring though they seemed unreal compared to the Victorian stylings of Moore’s original work.  It seems like I’m always telling people to enjoy the book before a movie and I certainly won’t waver from that stance now.

Moore is a controversial figure and while that does make him interesting, his work is what you should really look at if you have the opportunity.

As for this film, I would say that if you can rent it for 99 cents or borrow it from your library for free than go and enjoy.  I doubt that I’d pay more for a rental or buy the DVD though.

2 thoughts on “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”

  1. I read in the paper today that another of Moore’s books: V for Vendetta, is being made into a movie with Natalie Portman… that should be interesting!

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