Brandy was Sandy

Remember the 15 minutes of fame? Well my wife and I had 2.5 of those 15 minutes back in 1992! It was the night before my thesis defence. Karen and I had heard a ridiculously funny story on CBC Radio’s As It Happens (the coast-to-coast 6:30 news magazine show). It involved a woman in Newfoundland who was concerned about her dog, Brandy which was sick. She couldn’t afford a vet so she gave the dog 5 gravol pills. Well, of course, the dog went unconscious but the owner thought it was dead and had her daughter’s boyfriend bury it. A couple of days later they were watching their local Cable channel and a lost-n-found ad came on describing Brandy to a “T” who had been found in the general vicinity of the burial site. So they got the dog back and everything went back to normal (except that Brandy didn’t like dark rooms any more — Well surprise, surprise!) So the next day, the day of my defence, Karen and I sang an ode to Brandy the Wonder Dog to the CBC As It Happens talkback answering machine.

Karen made up the music (and most of the lyrics, too!) to sound real Country-fied and played her guitar. The sound quality wasn’t all that great because of the phone (which I held up to her mouth) and since we were both fairly sick at the time. Our infant daughter, who was sitting on the floor at our feet when we did it, enjoyed the show.

It was played that night on As It Happens while Karen and I were feeding Emily in the car after my defence! It was a good day! Anyway here are the lyrics to our song:

O Brandy was sandy,
and her paws came in handy,
the day she was buried alive.
They thought she was dead
till she stuck up her head,
and said “Woof Woof Woof”, I will survive.

Her owners were sad,
it was the best dog they’d had;
she’d been sick and now she was gone.
Imagine their surprise,
when right before their eyes,
they turned their TV set on,
and read

Found one sad little dog,
dirtier then an old hog.
She’s really alright,
‘cept she scared of the night
and her mind’s in a bit of a fog.
Her owners just couldn’t believe,
their doggy had found a reprieve,
from the shadows of death
came panting a breath
’cause Old Brandy weren’t ready to leave!

Yes, they thought she was dead
till she stuck up her head,
and said “Woof Woof Woof”, I will survive.

So when are the rest of the 12.5 minutes going to happen?


2 thoughts on “Brandy was Sandy”

  1. Hey Here you are a poet,
    and I didn”t know it.


    p.s. O.K. re any questions on the Grignon Mansion.

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