The Benefit of Spam

I hate spam just as much as the next guy or gal. It chokes up mail systems, requires us to spend time sifting through junk and is usually from semi-literate neanderthals who are making or trying to make money with way too broad a net. But every now and then I get a chuckle… like the graphic I received the other day showing a badly scanned couple of words “Dicsount Pharmacy”. I mean really, someone went to all the trouble to print that out and then scanned it in badly and misspelled! Hah!

Today I found a piece of e-mail that looked like it had erroneously when sent to my spam graveyard so I opened it up. It turned out that it also had a badly scanned in graphic but this time it said “Discount Pharmacy”. So our ‘someone’ actually re-scanned it with the correct spelling and tried again.

Ok. But their tenacity wasn’t the benefit. I was just about to close it when I noticed that the irregular text at the bottom which is supposed to fool the spam killers was actually readable prose. I don’t look at too many of these junk e-mails but it seems to me that this is usually garbled junk. Here was more or less what I read:

I guess that’ll settle him,” laughed the boy; but just then he heard an angry shout, and looking around saw a policeman running toward him. “Kill me dog, will ye—eh?” yelled the officer; “well, I’ll just run ye in for that same, an’ ye’ll spend the night in the lockup!” And on he came, with drawn club in one hand and a big revolver in the other. “You’ll have to catch me first,” said Rob, still laughing, and to the amazement of the policeman he began rising straight into the air.

And I thought to myself… wow… that’s actually enjoyable and I thought I recognized the style. I put one of the phrases into Google and it turns out that this is a Project Gutenberg (Public Domain) book on the internet. I did know the writer and so will you… it was L. Frank Baum and the book was one I’d never heard of before called The Master Key – An Electrical Fairy Tale.

I spent a little while reading it and will probably read the whole story. But isn’t that cool…? So you see how spam has its benefits… rare though they may be. So thank you Mr. Dicsount… you may be illiterate but you certainly provoked some literacy in me!


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One Response to The Benefit of Spam

  1. tgrignon says:

    I finished reading The Master Key on the weekend, BTW, and enjoyed it very much. I would recommend it anyone who likes Baum and Mark Twain.

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