Andy Warhol’s 15 seconds of FAME

So I was thinking about Andy and how I used to hang around with him in the Village and how, over some Italian food one day, he blurted out his theory.  You know the one … about how, ‘in the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes’.
“Andy,” I said as I grabbed myself another slice of fresh bread, “why only 15 minutes?  And what about you?  You’ve been famous longer than 15 minutes?”
“Golb,” he says to me in his famous drawl, “you’re right, of course.  I should rephrase that as ‘at least 15 minutes’, OK?”
After stirring some more crushed chillies in his pasta primavera he said slowly, “this is how I got 15:  you take the number of people alive and multiply it by the average lifespan in minutes and then divide by the number of newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations in the world multiplied by the average lifespan in minutes.  Of course the lifespan cancel out and you need to factor for idiotic questions like the one you just asked, which cannot lead to fame, and you’re left with 14.6 minutes per person.  So there you go.”
I remember I said, “wow!” and then “….hey!”

Of course now that the population has gone up significantly and we all have many more outlets but less leisure time to enjoy it I’m guessing that Andy’s numbers could go either way.  What do you think?

Also, of course, I was 5 in 1968 during this conversation so you needn’t think too ill of my stupid question.


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