Is this Blogus?

I golbed earlier on why writer’s write but I don’t know that I gave a personal answer to the question. It was more general, more flip a response really. My real answer is because I enjoy it, of course. All else being equal, however, whether I write or not ends up a matter of time. Many bloggers like to post every day and some are blessed with the time to do that. I do not believe in golbing just for the sake of blogging. Some will enter a one-line phrase just to be able to say they’ve been a consistent blogger and to keep their stats up.  Some even use automated feeds to do it. I think that is ‘blogus’ and not a  blog worth my reading time, myself.

Writing in a real diary was something I did for well over 10 years of my life so I know the struggle it can be to come up with new material to write about without resorting to a shopping list of what you did, and who with, and what the weather was like and how many times you went to the washroom, yah dah, yah day, yah day. I’ve read over my own early diaries and I can tell you first hand that even I don’t care about the minor daily events.

I respect those who try to sustain the effort of posting original information day in and day out like Ken Henderson’s experiment) but I hope you don’t expect me to keep that pace up. I have sleeping and other writing and dishes and just plain living to do as well.


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