A movie you don’t need to see…

Phil the Alien is a Rob Stefaniuk (2004) movie that could have been a really fun movie but I’m afraid it falls way too short. The premise is interesting and I like the satire of American secret service (I loved Agent Orange). Unfortunately it also parodies itself as a Canadian film so well that it becomes ‘real’ cruddy, eh? There are some excellent lines. A particularly good scene is the one between Sammy the Alien (Sean Cullen) and Madame Madame (Nicole de Boer); it is hilarious, especially the shock when Madame Madame confesses she’s from Quebec. And, of course, the last supper motif is very funny. The talking beaver (voice by Joe Flaherty –contrary to the IMDB credit which says he plays Joey’s Dad which is not true) and the moment with Joey’s Dad and the prostitute are very good.
Rob Stefaniuk directs and plays the Phil character and doesn’t do too badly. The movie is as strange as he is and normally I like ‘strange’ in a film but here the pacing is off and seems artificial. I kept wanting this film to work because of the talent I saw in it but it … just doesn’t. And, by the way, is the crude language really necessary? I think Rob is keeping a big sector of potential audience away with it.
Not that great.


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