2 Movies I saw yesterday

I saw two movies yesterday and enjoyed them both and thought I’d share my opinions on them here.

Because of Winn-Dixie (2005) directed by Wayne Wang was the first and it was an enjoyable family film. Of course, magical happiness (near Pollyanna) stories like this even if they aren’t very realistic. But the dogs used in the film are very cute and fun to watch. It is hard to find good family entertainment that isn’t dated these days and this would be one of those films for me.

The second movie I saw was a DVD I purchased: Joss Whedon’s Serenity. Now I am not a pure Firefly fan because I don’t have the Space channel and never saw the series on TV but I certainly did watch the series on DVD and was stunned at how fabulous it was. This was sci-fi that was believable and very well done. I found that I was pacing myself as I watched the 4 DVD’s because I didn’t want it to be over. The whole family enjoyed it. I loved everything about it: the music, the characters, the acting, the firefly class ship, the story. It was an amazing accomplishment and, why would anyone be surprised, too exceptional for TV. There were no aliens, no matter transmitters, no time travel and the heroes didn’t drive a luxury cruiser, no big-name actors, no insane budgets… in other words most of the hollywood sci-fi elements were absent. So much the better!
When I saw that a movie was being made I actually yelled in joy. Now that doesn’t happen too often to me, especially at work. When the trailer was released I was ecstatic at the way it was tied into the series and that they could get all the actors to come back. It had to have been the most impressive trailer for a sci-fi film since the one for ET.

I loved the film. It was exciting, fun, very much tied into the series and 1 hour and 59 minutes of edge of your seat sci-fi. I won’t give any spoilers so you’ll have to go elsewhere or see it yourself for the plot. I recommend it highly and hope there will be more.


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