Kid in a Box

Karen brought a large box home (the discount grocery store only had big ones) the other day and our youngest asked for it as she was coming in the door. She gave it to him and he’s been having a lot of fun with it since. I was working on the computer the night following this and he came to me in tears saying that his older brother was destroying his box. The brother told me that he wasn’t, that he was just making a hole in it. I told him to leave his box alone and the kids went to their bedroom satisfied, I thought, that the boundaries had been made.
I went up to check on them a little while later and found the older brother asleep but I didn’t see the youngest. I went around turning off the lights, radios, etc. that they had left on and went searching other rooms. No luck. I returned to the boy’s room and found what you see below when I happened to look down the opening of the big box. I suppose he felt certain precautions were necessary to prevent harm to his beloved box.

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