Party on Ann Street

Well. First of all it was my eldest’s 14 birthday today so that was a certain cause for celebration. We went out to East Side Mario’s as that was her pick for her birthday meal. It was a very nice meal and the ‘Happy Birthday Hey Hey’ crew suitably embarrassed her.
Then after leaving the children in the loving arms of their Nintendo and Hot Wheels pals, we moseyed on over to the odd side of Ann Street where we joined with fellow Ann-ites in a very warm and friendly year end celebration. We arrived a little late due to the birthday bash but the party was still hopping although it seemed that there were strong segregation lines with the men in one room, the women in the other and a Mason-Dixon line in the kitchen. An interesting hold over from those wallflower days of high school dances no doubt. But the party evolved into a lot more mixing later on.
It was very enjoyable to share stories and notes on mouse/bat/raccoon/possum ridding techniques, garbage and our kids or pets. And the year past, of course. We don’t really get into talking about the real year past at a party… it’s not really about that is it? It’s rather about avoiding the hard stuff and enjoying the lighter moments and having some fun.
But this is my golb… the dark or other side of my force, right? Well I’ll have to start going over the real events of this past year, haven’t I? It’s one of those year end things to do. Shall I bore you with a list of resolutions? No. Should I create a list of the family’s accomplishments for the year. Definitely not. How about what I think is wrong with the world? Boooorrrrring. You wash away all the other crud and I’m left with the ideas I really enjoyed and really felt and really wondered at. In the remnants of the acid wash, literature is one of those things very important to me. I’d rather give a list of books that have made a difference to me:

Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner

Robert J. Sawyer’s The Neanderthal Parallax Trilogy

William Leith’s The Hungry Years: Confessions of a Food Addict

Ursula K. Leguin‘s The Wave in the Mind and Gifts

Perhaps I’ll think of more tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “Party on Ann Street”

  1. Though we are both “even siders”, I learned that we are also one of only 3 “smooth brickers” on the street – the others being the host of the Party, and the Bag Lady’s place. Apparrently these are the oldest 3 on the street ( along with the Chiropractor’s on Woolwich).

    As far as year end notes goes, we did a little one page Newsletter this Xmas and it contained a family photo. The purpose of the newsletter was to give an upadate to friends and family across the country. However, one recipient was quite critical ( and never one to keep her opinions to herself) which lead me to questioning the Newsletter for next year.

    I suppose it is like anything else, that is – if it is well written then fine, otherwise snoozefest!

    What are the golber’s opinions on these? Also, would Memories of a Geisha be a complete chick flick? Email is included.

    Happy 14th EG!

  2. I’d have to agree about the newsletter… pix are nice and so is nicely written and humourous text… but if it’s only a braglist for the kids then the snoozing will definitely happen.

    I don’t know about the Geisha thing… but since you’re the only chosen male to go you can check it out and report back… I’m still waiting for Mel Brooks for the Men’s Movie night!

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