Bride and Prejudice

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My library didn’t have a copy of Gurinder Chadra’s 2004 Bride and Prejudice so I put in a purchase suggestion for it to be considered. I guess enough others did too so I finally have my wish come true (another miracle!) We watched it tonight and enjoyed it very much!
One of my high school English teachers remarked that I was a romantic at heart… and I suppose that must be true to some extent. I certainly love Jane Austen’s story in whatever form I can get it. The definitive mini-series by Simon Langton is certainly my favourite but I have very much enjoyed Sharon Maguire’s Bridget Jones’s Diary and, now, the bollywood version. I haven’t seen Joe Wright’s new version but I probably will. Yes I love the story that much!
I thought the 3 gorgeous location settings (India, the UK and the US) Bride and Prejudice was filmed in, the amazing colour, the acting and even the music make this movie well worth the time. I certainly feel like buying the DVD now.
As with Bend It Like Beckham in 2002, Gurinder Chadha has shown her talent and heart with a wonderful movie. The lead roles of Lalita Bakshi (the Lizzie Bennett role) and William Darcy (of course, D’Arcy) were wonderfully played by Aishwarya Rai and Martin Henderson with wit and sensitivity. I recommend it highly to all that need a family film with a strong dose of anti-western-cynicism.
On the other hand, it is not the favourite entertainment of 7-year-olds. The other 2 kids and Karen loved it. My 7-yr-old did not like it. He even took notes during the movie which I include verbatim to allow you the benefit of a second opinion.

Weird people, Stupid songs, Half naked people, Dumb face’s (but not some of the girl’s),
Women who onley have bra’s on,
Weird thing’s on some of the women’s fore head’s,
Weird coments about god, Weird dances, Realy rong voice’s,
Stupid men, Dumb clothe’s, Stupid dance’s,
Long laugh’s that sound’s like a donkey,

Of course his pick for the evening, which he refused to let go during the whole Bride and Prejudice, was The Bad News Bears (the 1976 one with Walter Matthau). I think we’ll be watching that tomorrow!


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  1. We did watch the Bad News Bears. I thought my memory of the bad language in the film was probably naive but no.. the language is probably too cruddy for a 7-yr-old … but he enjoyed it anyway! Oh well. I enjoyed it too!

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