All Boxed In

I don’t know about you but I’m finding it hard to negotiate space in the living room right now… there are just too many new toys and games and whatnots strewn about. Is this showing just how happy the kids are? I wonder if this is a sign that they are relaxed and happy and enjoying life or that they are just too bored with their Christmas cheer and new stuff or that they expect that incredible entity ‘The Not Me’ to burst out of its secret hiding spot anytime soon and clean up their stuff for them.

I don’t know which it is… but I do know one thing, there’ll be no playing of games when I wake up tomorrow (hopefully feeling less bloated and hopefully willing to sneak out and do some exercise and hopefully after I have a chance to clean up my stuff first) until their stuff is safely out of the living room and in their own rooms.

All this stuff is making me cagey and I won’t be boxed in the day after Boxing Day!


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