Sayings of the Common man

these being the collected sayings of the common man, a frequentor of the Kiosk Junior Ranger cabin walls with magic marker in the summer of 1981 and faithfully transcribed by your intrepid golber

I’m as predictably unpredictable as the next
guy – the/a common man


STOP and think. OK. Now you may pass onward.

What beauty cannot be lives in life today.
What happiness is, is a product of living.
What beauty can be lives in man; you

You are a product of your environment.
Then who is the garbage?
-is common man

Well, that’s it then; It is what we all are
and that’s it to all
therefore you should be
able to understand me.
I am sincerely
a or the
only comman man

I realise that I am sane
who are you?

Who is the common man?
-the common man

Why waste time?
Invest in Living InCorporalated
-a breathing common man

A common man is an extraordinarily
stream of possibilities.
His character
in an individualistic sense
is a myriad,
endless spiral
-an extraordinarily uncommon
but actually
just common man

This is it!
This, the writing on the wall, appeals
to you does it not?
In truth, these letters posed on
the vertical cliff are preparing
for a Fall.
-Adam Commonman


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