Fodder for Thought about Kris Kringle

OK I’ll write about this topic, be patient, but first why do you think they call it fodder anyway? The primary definition for fodder is “feed for livestock, especially coarsely chopped hay or straw” according to I suppose that implies that there are cattle in my brain that need feeding. Hmmm… it’s amazing I don’t have a headache. But I must mooooooove along here.
Well here’s the thought feed: why in the face of the enormous evidence to the contrary, does our culture insist on the existence of a Santa Claus? I can think of commercial and economic reasons but do you think that’s enough. There certainly isn’t enough of a religious underpinning to hold credence in Saint Nick. And y’know… Nick is another name for the Devil.
I mean really… I know I’d like to believe in the existence of such a mythical and benevolent Big Brother along with Virginia but c’mon.
You could say to me, “Terry… it’s simple: we don’t believe. We just do this for the kids or the laughs.” But why do we?
It can certainly make watching “Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer” a little less wasteful of our precious time around the holiday season.
I just want to know why we… I promote this. I know I buy into it too… the other day my 11 year old was making noise about not having to ‘really’ be good enough to make it on a list and I said (ALERT! Brainwashing statement following! ALERT!) to him, “Well if you don’t believe in Santa then I guess you don’t get any gifts. Are you OK with that?”
He immediately expressed his devout belief in the jolly old elf. He’s a good kid.
But this is weird… it must be some kind of deep-seated psychological need that makes me support this. It’s so weird. Is it some kind of way around claiming responsibility for any possibly shitty gifts I’m about to carefully wrap? What about the good ones? Does this mean I can’t play with them?
Does anyone have any insights on this one. Here I sit (Mr. Procrastinating Not-Present-Wrapping – hey I don’t feel too guilty since I am listening to Bruce Cockburn’s “If a Tree Falls in the Forest Does Anybody Hear” and wasting wrapping paper on gifts is a terrible, bad, icky thing) and plead to you… help me on this one, please!?!

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