I’ve got nothing but a Review of Ink

I’m afraid my gasoline
is at empty
as I sit here at the keyboard
to dredge up the thoughts of my past
not so past
just a few hours
but gone
in a fleeting
twinkle of
synapses diverting
to a passing fancy.

So I might as well talk about a current literary interest. I’ve been enjoying InkSpell, the second book in an inky series by Cornelia Funke that started with Inkheart. I say enjoying because I’m not really reading the books. I’m listening to them on CD borrowed from my locally miraculous library.

I like this way of ‘reading’ since I can indulge during times when I would normally be doing mundane things like driving or washing dishes or assembling my own nuclear reactor.

Inkheart is about a man (Mo) who has a reading voice that can make the boundaries between the fictional world and ours waver. He is reading from a book called Inkheart when he inadvertently reads 3 human characters plus a horned marten out as living breathing new members of our world. At the same time someone very dear to him is plucked away into the world of the book. Years go by and he and his daughter, Meggie, are eventually drawn back into the story of those he’s tragically displaced.

In Inkspell we see that the threads left by the first book should never have remained loose. The main characters find themselves, by various means, in the land of Inkheart and find that the magic of reading is a very tricky business.

This is even better than the first book!

I don’t want to give away too much of the story because I hope you’ll read it. The character of Dustfinger, in particular, is an exceedingly interesting one. This fire-eater has many nuances. The journey of discovering what motivates Dustfinger is very revealing of the human condition and how people can be a mixture of good and bad. He makes this fantasy exceedingly real to me. The books reveal, if nothing else, that little is starkly black and white.

Take a close look at a handful of wood ash the next time you can. You’d be surprised at how many shades there are in such a simple substance.

These books certainly make me interested in reading more of the author’s work. Here is her website if you are interested.


3 thoughts on “I’ve got nothing but a Review of Ink”

  1. I just bought the first book at our equally miraculous local bookstore “The Bookshelf”. I bought it for my 13 year old niece. Maybe I should get part 2 now as well?

  2. […] rest. Like the amazing Inkheart and almost as stellar Inkspell (both of which I attempted to review earlier), it’s very hard to part from this talented writer’s work. They are all excellent […]

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