A Quick One

The quicker the poem
the more likely
it is
that you are going to say
indelectable or indelible or indenial

this isn’t where the thought
goes as it seeks
own coherence,
own rhythm,
own end

Dec. 2005


About tgrignon

I came I saw I rented the DVD
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3 Responses to A Quick One

  1. Karen says:

    Funny, whenever you’ve mentioned a ‘quick one’ to me before, I never thought about it in this context!

    I’m confused.

    Love, Your wife!

  2. Lindros says:

    Dear Quickie,

    Your last name suggests a French background. If this is so, my son desperately needs the lyrics for O Christmas Tree ( O Beau Sapin) for his school Xmas concert. He needs practise!

    Can you provide a link?


    Eric Lindros

    PS this is an altogehter different quick response request than the one Karen refers to.

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