The miracle about us

It is amazing how often you find yourself walking or biking or driving past a miracle… often many times a day.  There are wee miracles like a sudden smile or a brave flower finding meagre purchase in the crack of a road’s pavement.  There are medium miracles like someone swerving tons of metal and glass around someone helpless to stop it.  There are even large miracles like a nuclear war averted for yet another day.
But a very large-scale miracle is available to most of us… a Miracle right here in River City, and that starts with M and that comes after L and that stands for… Library.  I can hear the deflating sound as the wind in your sails departs … but I’m not joshing you at all.  Even if I had a josh I’m not.

We just take it so much for granted.  But a library is so really and truly… a miracle.

  • It’s a quiet place that you can go when you need to study or think or whatever.
  • It’s a place so full of words that even the Huey, Luey and Duey Systems are stretched to their max to hold them.
  • It’s a place where you can attend or find out about interesting events that are also often free.
  • You can even rent videos and tapes and cd’s and dvd’s now.
  • All for free as long as you borrow for a set period of time.

What else can you get for free these days?  Even our environment isn’t free anymore… you have pay to get in most parks.  No… the library is free.  It’s our wisdom and entertainment and thought collected together.  Why you can even access my golb… although I hope you find something better!

It’s so important… just take the time to see it for all that it is.  And you’ll soon believe in miracles too.


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I came I saw I rented the DVD
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