Why golb???

A wonderful quote appeared magically from my quote of the day RSS feed the other day. It was by Thomas Berger and went this way: “Why do writers write? Because it isn’t there.

On the surface that’s a wonderful and amusing thought. You could say that is why I golb… because my thoughts, words, personal brand of insanity just aren’t there. But is that true?

One of my profs at University told the class and I that no-one since Homer wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey has been original. Apparently, we’re all peeking over his shoulder when the teacher isn’t looking. I’m not sure I believe that… Of course he probably ‘meant’ that all themes are pinched from Homer but I don’t know about that either. Not all writing is about road trips and squabbling over a cutey and Cyclops encounters after all.

Perhaps in the incredible myriad of opinions on the internet, the hundreds of thousands of wikipedia articles, the billions of books and magazines and scrolls and printed Pringles, and the multitude of educational T-shirts there are instances of all thoughts and themes and ideas and ways of stringing together words. Maybe everything is out there.

So why write? Maybe a writer writes because there’s just too much out there.

So here I sit, a possible information overload victim, trying to type out something simply and originally me. I am so full of it after all.


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