At last the end is here

Terminus is here
thirty times over a month
of springing poet

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Oh Syria

A Doctor on a news program
near sobs
after the bombing
of an Aleppo hospital by
Russian propped

his best friend
a pediatrician
who only wanted to help children
into and
in his ruined country
is dead

so the conflict
where targeting of children
and expectant mothers
is deemed a necessary part of the war

So how many millions displaced?
And thousands killed
for something that can’t last

power isn’t something
you keep grasping
fearfully to yourself
that can only lead to being reviled
down history

the truly strong know
to be lasting
it has to be nurtured
by giving it away

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Walking Blind

Falling forward to
meet my destiny uncharted
that me will see new

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Gift of Time

slow from the material
as we age grateful

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Why is rain a depressant?

Last year I quit at this time with my April silly poems. This time I intend to forge on through to the end of April for four whole days more! Will the craziness never end?

Our survey says…. no.

Why is rain a depressant?

Ways meteorologic
would question what’s wrong with
as the sky ain’t depressing
it’s repressing
in its low pressing front

so why?

The plants love it.
The crops need it.

And it prevents forest fires
contrary to what Smokey says

So why so glum?
Why does it moodify us so?
Is it the air above
being less weighty
isn’t pushing on our lids enough?

Perhaps someone got soaked walking this morning?

But is that such a bad thing?
We could all be less dirt-bound

Aim the chin up
and open up

Gotta be happy
as you may soon be dry.

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Who knows?

When you tell me
full of
that I’m wrong and you’re right

I think
how sad to be you

what killed
your wonder?

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Up on the Heights

I walk in other steps
along the top
of the cliff
above the Niagara River
my wife at my side

Isaac Brock and Thomas Moore
strolled on the McFarland farm
long ago now
but before turning hero
and famed poet.

These are gentler times
now, with
overpriced food,
and buses loaded with them
from one wine tasting to another.

We walk
look at the trees
and try to imagine
what it was like
before we have to get back
to reality.

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