The old ways

Tradition does not
the path of logic attend.
Non-sense feels good.

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Ten entiredbee ends

Another Finish-Your-Own haiku for you out there in poetry land to test.
Feel free to comment and let me know which of the decimal finales you like best!

The bee, too busy,
tried to take on too much. He

    1. died in winter hive.
    2. lost a wing and wrecked!
    3. let down the hive Queen.
    4. had a sticky end.
    5. stressed himself to death.
    6. droned on till he ceased.
    7. fell holy in sect.
    8. buzzed, sawed and konked out.
    9. zapped in a bright flash.
    10. was squished on windshield.


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Remember to Laugh

However headaches hurt
or can debilitate life
it’s all in your head.

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Beyond the Secular

The young secular man
fervently tells me he only
in objects he can see
with his own eye
with his finger
with his nose
with his tongue
with his ear.

But he’s missing
matters of some importance.
That fail his criteria.

Perhaps that’s why the word
abstract was invented.

Beyond belief
there is
the scientific method
and so much more!

Of course the effects of these
can all be measured
in some indirect way
perhaps even scientifically
though they’ll be distinct and unique
to each subject.

We all apply our own experience.

But these
though weighing no pounds or even grams
are messy
make us human
and cannot be
discarded or ignored without

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Vigil at the Cenotaph, Nov 10, 2017

bitter cold, heads down,
cadets at attention still
wars past remembered

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What rights a bullet?

A bullet exists
to explode and fly straight. True.
Can we care what’s hit?

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Close call at work this year

The sun rose at 7:59 this AM.

Tomorrow, Saturday,
would have been the first day
of this year
that I began my workday
in the dark.

I mean literally,
of course,
the figurative part is constant,
of course.

Sunrise is at 8:01
preceded by the moon
howlingly full at 1:23.

But, like the brazen moon,
the ebb of time is short lived
as daylight savings time
ends the very next day

so, come Monday,
the chance at a night shift this year
will be none.
None at all.

But for the timing of a weekend
and the halting lack of a second
it never happened.

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