Christmas has come surly

Days getting shorter and the nights longer,
there’s snow deeper, air crisper, floors colder,
pressure to buy gifts, light the house to cheer…
yep, means Christmas has come surly this year.

Hearing that yuletide soundtrack blaring in
the car, the mall, grocers, clinics walk-in,
even the toilet’s not immune, oh God,
a Christmas so surly should be outlawed!

In days with our duty to businesses,
to keep Christmas a commercial success,
we must prime the economy early
so there’s no wonder it has come surly.

It seems that if I knew more history
I could trace back before the fake snow tree
revive the reason this season began
and control the anger, do all I can

to be a happy and true Christmas man.

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Morals on the loose

To an atheist
morals are a wind-blown whim.
For me they’re a right.

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lego my eggnog please

there is no l in eggnog
no n in lego
but all the others are shared

and rid of the l and n (and duplicates)
we’re left with only an ego

mere coincidence?

i think not


it is possible

to float lego upon eggnog
to drink eggnog from lego
(and verily, for connoisseurs) to construct a lego mug within which to swill eggnog
to philosophize that if you nog eggs then you must lego of them at some point
—and left long enough
to lego another lego can be forever cemented with drying eggnog

why haven’t the conspiracy theorists noticed?
clearly there is a conspiracy afoot
to quash the lego/eggnog conspiracy theory itself
by them

i’ll not let go
gone is my
i’ll watch you
i play with my lego
sip my eggnog
i’ll watch you

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Something that holds memory

In the Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve
on Manitoulin Island
a woman
of some quiet authority
and grace
generously gave me the name
of various objects in Ojibwa.

Seeking to see
her breadth I finally
pointed at my laptop.

A computer
I said
and she responded
without missing a beat
with a word I couldn’t pronounce
much less spell.

I scratched my head.
What does that mean?

It means something that holds memory.

So when I rest on my modern laurels
all content with my latest toy
complete with new power adaptor
I’m often jolted back
to that honest woman
who had a better name for our
cutting edge
technology than we do
and let out a long, heated, breath.

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Billy and Bessy Cheesecake on a Toasted Almond Crust

What can I follow up New York with? Cheesecake of course. This is a recipe of my own concoction which has gone over well with friends and coworkers. It’s interesting on the palate with the tartness of the goat cheese.


  • 2c almonds, ground and toasted
  • 4tbsp. butter (melted)
  • 3env. unflavoured gelatin
  • 1/2c water
  • 500g Billy goat’s milk cheese (softened) [that’s a goat that’s a tom boy]
  • 500g Bessy cow’s cream cheese (softened)
  • 1 & 1/2c sugar
  • several squirts almond extract (real)
  • 1c heavy cream (18% or greater)
  • dulce de leche (heated, the amount depends on how sweet you are)

Modus Operandi

  1. in medium glass bowl combine almonds and butter, press mixture into pan or cupcake cups
  2. place water in small sauce pan sprinkle gelatine over and let stand 5 minutes, then stir over low heat until completely dissolved
  3. in mixer beat the cheeses until smooth, add in sugar until well combined, gradually pour in gelatin, cream and almond extract until you have a smooth liquid
  4. pour mixture into pan or cups and refrigerate for at least 3 hours, you can freeze it too if you wish but remember to thaw half an hour before serving
  5. heat the dulce de leche until it pours easily and drizzle on top


  • Serves 20 polite people or about a dozen people like me
  • Gluten free
  • Goes well with fresh fruit if you prefer that to the dulce de leche
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New Yorkers

You don’t have to
scratch too hard
to get to the hard manhattan schist

You can see it exposed all about
in Central Park
like a heart on a sleeve

They walk there joyously released
from iron concrete steel
but if tested

They’ll show their roots.

Rock hard attitudes
quick and unashamed
loyal and helpful to any fault

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Julie sits on the
chalkboard black rock each day,
the one back from the old dock
behind the salty nets hanging
and by the rotted planks no one wants to fix,
and most days
catches a glimpse
through the many obstacles
of Gerry as he returns
from fishing.

She stares at him
fixing him in her sight and points his way
but he ignores her most days
since first
the year before
when he’d glimpsed her.

He remembered her.
He’d been gentle as he always was
and had never led her on.
So why did she haunt him?
Was that pointing finger
an accusing?

One day
brighter than some
found Gerry angry enough from a bad fishing day.
He stomped over.
Julie’s eyes showed some surprise
especially when one of his stalking feet
through one of the old dock boards.

But still
though he swore down at his caught foot
she pointed at him
saying nothing.
Quickly she lifted and scrambled away
back to him.

But Gerry didn’t see
when he finally looked back up.
She hadn’t been alone,
that the pointing was all for the benefit of
the little girl in her lap.

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